Zavod 14 is pleased to present a paper on Disruptive technologies and digital transformation for modern EU society, supported by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF). We are living in times of rapid advancement, where the increasing availability of data and the progression and usage of disruptive technologies are bringing a shift to society. The key to achieving a human-centric society where economic development and the resolution of societal challenges are accomplished is by connecting the digital and physical worlds to create new values and solutions for the structural global-scale challenges in society, build better lives for people and sustain healthy economic growth. Hence, it is crucial to understand the meaning and principles of digital transformation to be able to implement and use disruptive technologies successfully for the common good.

The paper on disruptive technologies and digital transformation for modern EU society encompasses several objectives. The first goal is to explain the concepts of  (1) digital transformation as a profound change that takes place through the use of digital technologies, (2) disruptive technologies and disruption, which is a type of change that occurs rapidly or dramatically and most importantly, the concepts of  (3) artificial intelligence and blockchain technology as two transversal technologies that have the potential to disrupt a variety of industries and have profound consequences for society. Additionally, the paper presents the key subdomains and sectors for AI and blockchain, based on the overview prepared by the European Commission, together with the table with potential use cases for AI and blockchain technology across sectors. The second goal is to acquaint public authorities with the overview of the European digital agenda and key initiatives, priorities and most important documents prepared by the European Union, to support and encourage the progression and use of AI and blockchain. Last but not least, the final goal of the paper was to highlight key policy recommendations on AI and blockchain development and adoption that would enable Member States and organisations to grasp the right path, create the appropriate environment, enhance the needed capabilities and overall, take the correct and thoughtful steps with digital transformation and adoption of AI, blockchain or other disruptive technology.

Donwload the full publication here:Disruptive Technologies and Digital Transformation for Modern Society

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