Zavod 14 is pleased to present a comparative study on Tackling Youth Unemployment in Europe: A comparison between North and South Europe, supported by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF). Young people play a crucial role in a contemporary society or economy, such as the European Union (EU) as they represent an important pillar of its social vision. However, due to structural changes, the transition of young people from education to labour market is becoming more complex and longer, arising many challenges for young people in the labour market. The aforementioned is particularly pronounced in South EU member states.

Therefore, the main objective of the study is to provide the theoretical overview and to examine the secondary data on the issue of tackling youth unemployment in the EU. The comparative empirical analysis covers the geographical and time aspects of the youth unemployment issue. Accordingly, the main purpose of the study is to detect best practices and the opportunities to improve the situation in the labour market, especially in the South EU member states. The empirical results reveal that are huge differences in youth unemployment, whereby the largest difference is observed between North and South EU member states. This calls for a need to implement appropriate policy measures in order to reduce youth unemployment in South EU member states and consequently to reduce disparity between youth unemployment in the EU. The findings of this study are therefore interesting from the academic (research and debate) as well as from the practical (suggestions for improvements) perspective, since it provides an understanding of important youth unemployment related issues for the liberal society.

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