Zavod 14 is pleased to present a comprehensive study Sharing Economy In A Digital Age: Some Best European Practices, supported by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF).

The sharing economy has still not fully arrived in Europe, so the question arises as to why this business model, despite the obvious advantages, has not yet established itself better. By studying various sources, the study aims to come closer to answering the following research question: What are the success factors and barriers to sharing practices? To answer this complex question, however, it is necessary to discuss further questions. On the one hand, the question arises as to how high the awareness and use of the sharing economy in Europe is. On the other hand, why consumers use the sharing economy or do not use it and which consumption motives prevail. The need to answers on the provider side is great. Because it is of enormous importance for the providers, on the one hand, to better understand the participants of the sharing economy and, on the other hand, to fathom the concerns of those who are not yet involved. Only in this way will it be possible to fully establish the sharing economy in Europe and thereby make a significant contribution to tackling the environmental problem.

The growing number of social enterprises around the world is making the realization that in the future entrepreneurship will not only be possible by generating profits, but also by sharing benefits with the wider society. On the basis of the comprehensive analysis of the opportunities and risks of the sharing economy, the study advocates an open-minded regulation, which on the one hand enables opportunities for growth and employment and on the other complies with justifiable protection interests of employees and consumers. In order to harness the sharing economy and other global trends, to foster growth and employment, we must continue to strive for a liberal Europe anchored in the four freedoms of free movement of persons, goods, services and capital.


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